Joining conditions

1.      Honest and trustworthy, adore the furniture industry, with experience in relevant field.

2.      Recognize the OOD values, observe and execute our company policies, accept our supervision and management.

3.      Have a shop space larger than 350m3.

4.      Have a certain economic strength and management capability.

How to join

1.      To express your interest and intention to join Uyork

2.      Through communication, initially identified you are our qualified candidates, you will receive t catalogue and franchise Handbook .

3.      After reading our catalog and franchise Handbook, please fill the application form and submit to Uyork, so that we can further assess of you

4.      Once you’re in the franchising list, we’ll send you quotations of our products, to facilitate our further cooperation.

5.      After site visits, your choose a shop location, decide the area(not smaller than 350m3 ), and send us information about this.

6.      We sign a contract, formally appoint you to be franchisee of Uyork in a specific area. In terms of this contract, we grant you the right to distribute our products in a given area. At the same time, we’ll have a schedule of the shop fitment, opening and the progress of every thing.

7.      We help to design and plan the display room, train the staff with local information provided by you. The training include brand concepts, product instructions, customer service, sales skills, etc.

8.      When preparing the display room, we’ll provide you the display manual of Uyork stores, products and decorations are all provided by us.

9.      Uyork will send professionals to store for supervision and guidance, to assure the store shows our brand image and display style. They’ll also learn the situations and problems of each store, provide timely solutions and adjustment suggestions. With mutual supervision, we create for a common future hand in hand.